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2.23 Concussions and how we assess them The Painless Health Podcast

Its Football Season!  Concussions are a result of many sports injuries.  Listen to Dr. Ramchandani discuss concussions and sports injuries including many people that have had their career shorted due to concussions.  
  1. 2.23 Concussions and how we assess them
  2. 2.22 Decreasing Pain using Turmeric and rescuing people… Jason Sisernos on turmeric and curcumin!
  3. 2.21 Dr. Santhosh Nadipuram and the Delta Variant
  4. 2.20 Nutrition for Everyday Health! Kim La Vere from landandlocal.com is here to talk about her practice in medicine!
  5. 2.19. Happy Eyeballs! Jake Steiner on how to end myopia (nearsightedness)!

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